Venetian Plaster Renaissance Inspired Interior Decor

Modern Venetian Plastering renews the Italian tradition of lime plaster and perfects the technique into a subtly textured, luxurious wall finish, delivering a unique custom made wall.

Epitomising timeless elegance, this lime-based product can be finished in a variety of ways providing matte, satin and gloss finishes. Due to the variety of finishes Venetian Plaster may also be referred to as polished plaster or marble plaster.

Venetian Plaster provides a versatile material and with the application of a waterproofing protective sealant provides the perfect surface for internal and exterior surfaces, wet areas, and high trafficked areas.

I invite you to discuss your design inspirations with me to discover if Venetian Plaster is the best fit for delivering your inspiring new home interior.

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”
— Twyla Tharp

Professional Venetian Plaster Installation

Artist Décor’s extensive experience in venetian plastering and finish selection will provide you will a piece of mind with your interior design project. Your custom piece will be handcrafted using a variety of different applications to create the required texture and finish.

Venetian Marble Plaster is made from crushed marble and lime putty which can be tinted to provide a range of colours, and mixed with additives to provide unique patterns, structure and texture to your finished wall.

I also provide Painting, Wallpapering and other Wall Finishes, to enable me to provide a full decorating service for your interior transformation.