Wall FinishesExtensive range of Speciality Wall Finishes

Turn your walls into a custom work of art with a selection of Acrylic water-based special surface finishes.

From Oxidation look to Metallic finishes, every application delivers a unique stunning picture, handcrafted with different tools including, sleeve, roller, brush, foil and a variety of other tools.

I invite you to discuss your design inspirations with me to transform your wall into a unique piece of art.

“To create one’s own world takes courage.”
— Georgia O’Keeffe

Special Surface Finish Options

Providing a corroded, aged and “rusted look”, oxidation is a decorative modern finish which draws inspiration from traditional and innovative design.

Create a luxury, elegant feel with gold, silver, bronze and copper tones. Combined with textured, stencilled or flat application, Metallics offer an ancient or industrial flavour to your home’s interior.

I also provide Painting, Wallpapering and Venetian Plastering services, to enable me to provide a full decorating service for your interior transformation.